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Established in 1989, our firm has provided clients with legal representation in family law cases of all types in the southwest Florida area, including Venice, Sarasota, Manatee, DeSoto and Charlotte Counties. At Reegler & Tornese, P.A., our combined experience in excess of 60 years allows us to provide our clients with competent and effective legal representation, at an affordable cost. We provide comparable services of a larger family law firm, while keeping legal expenses reasonable without compromising the outcome of the case, all with personal attention. 

About Us:

Our staff includes two attorneys, with more than 60 years of combined experience in handling all types of family law cases. We also have a full­ time paralegal, with more than 25 years of experience in family law and working with family law clients, to assure your needs are addressed quickly and compassionately.


Practice Areas

At Reegler & Tornese P.A., we handle a wide variety of cases involving most family law matters. We have the skill, experience and resources, to provide competent and compassionate representation, at reasonable cost.


Unfortunately not all marriages can be repaired and ultimately end in divorce.

Family Law

When you are faced with a legal battle that includes alimony, child custody, domestic violence and more.

Nuptial Contracts

Helping protect your assets before and after your marriage.


Our attorney's encourage resolution of family law disputes via mediation, collaborative law or other out of court means.

Why Choose Us

We represent clients in all type of cases, including but not limited to, uncontested, involving little assets and liabilities or involving a significant estate. Nevertheless, even in these cases, we can assure that your assets are fairly divided and that responsibility for marital liabilities is properly assumed. Parenting and timing sharing rights are defined and protected as well.

Our firm also handles the most complex cases, involving substantial assets, alimony and difficult issues concerning minor children. We have the expertise necessary to properly value and divide assets such as retirement plans, stock options, and business and/or corporate interests. We know that spouses rely on the division of these assets made now to protect them in the future.

We know how to verify financial disclosures to assure that all assets and liabilities are accounted for and fairly divided. We know how to properly determine child support and to obtain court orders so that it is paid timely. We can provide options for spousal support and alimony, whether it is for the recipient or the paying spouse. We have an established network of accountants, appraisers, psychologists and other non-legal experts, with whom we work closely to achieve the best result for our clients.

We have many hours of experience in representing clients in difficult and emotional disputes involving children. We understand that situations involving domestic violence, physical or sexual abuse, substance abuse or psychological problems require not only legal expertise, but compassion and confidentiality. We are cognizant of the emotional turmoil often surrounding family law matters and we strive to remain vigilant to mitigate turmoil, especially issues concerning children.


Lawrence C. Tornese


Sari Lynn Reegler


What Our Clients Say About Us

Your search stops here. Call them you will not regret it! Reegler & Tornese helped me with a dissolution of marriage. I personally worked with Larry Tornese, he provided professional and knowledgeable service. He took the time to first understand all the intricacies of our case and then explained each step of the process. I appreciated that he gave me detailed guidance of each step in layman's terms. Our initial consultation was very informative, he presented via phone conference what to expect from state requirements; child related issues, time sharing, child support and equitable distribution. When we concluded the consultation I knew I wanted to work with him, he made me feel like he had my best interest in mind. As we progressed through the process, I felt very comfortable and he continued to impress me with his professionalism and experience. He provided drafts of each item to be submitted to review so that my spouse and I could take our time to decide what best suited our situation. He was very responsive to answer any questions I had. He has so much experience that he could provide real life examples of similar cases and usually answered my questions before I was able to ask. Let's face it, divorces are not easy. I am extremely pleased with the time and support he provided me during such a difficult time. In the middle of an epidemic Reegler & Tornese made it very convenient to remain safe. I was pleasantly surprised that everything was done electronically or by phone. Even the parenting course was offered virtually through video conference. They were organized and did a great job of keeping me up to date with the status and next step throughout the process. They were timely with the case filings and entire process took less than 3 months. I am extremely satisfied with the competency and care provided by Reegler & Tornese. I would highly recommend them. If I ever have family law matters to attend to, I'll never think twice about going back to Reegler & Tornese."

Marisa Doherty
United States

"Divorce is never easy, regardless the circumstances. But working with Larry Tornese, through my entire process was phenomenal from start to finish. Any question, doubt, issue I thought I had he had a solution to. He made sure my best interest was at hand along with my families, and I could not feel more comfortable with an office to handle my case. I’d recommend him to anyone I know. Trusting, knowledgeable and being sympathetic to my concerns and fears and being on top of every detail is what definitely set him apart for me. I’m forever grateful this chapter to my life is closed, and grateful I had a lawyer like him to make sure I had everything I needed to accomplish the best resolution."

Charlsie Covert

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At Reegler & Tornese, P.A., we welcome the opportunity to serve you in all your family law needs. Whether you are a local resident, an out-of state resident with a Florida family law problem, or an attorney looking to refer your case to a family law practitioner, we can help you.

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